Collecting Maintenance

Payment Reminder

Account Summary

Managing Repairs & Maintenance

Distributing Circulars

Managing House Keeping & Security

Visitor Tracking

Keeping Data up-to-date

Get a Plumber/ Electrician and other vendors in one click

Store Maintenance Contracts and Reminders

Easy Connectivity with Committee Members

Verify Visitor With Photo

Lookup For Bill History

Online Complaint Booking

Free Digital Document Storage

Receive Notifications and reminders through Mail and SMS


  • Bills & Receipts Generation
  • Bank and Cash Accounts
  • Income & Expense Tracker
  • Ledgers of Accounts
  • Other Accounting Reports

Communication and Social

  • Notices & Personal Messages / SMS
  • Discussion Forum & Polls
  • Event Calendar & Photo Gallery
  • Resident's Directory

Community Management

  • Complaint Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Document Management System


  • Parking Management
  • Facility & Inventory Management
  • Move In/Out Management
  • Committee Member & Staff Management

Mobile app for Society Chairman & Secretory

Following are the features:

  • Avail different vendor services from single point of contact
  • Store Maintenance contracts, Insurance policies and Set renewal reminders
  • Easy connectivity with management committee
  • Verify visitor with photo and details
  • Lookup for bill history & payment receipts
  • Online complaint booking
  • Free digital repository / document store facility
  • Receive notifications & reminders through mail/sms

Mobile app for Society Members


  • Collecting Dues
  • Payment Reminder and Follow ups
  • Account Summary
  • Managing Repairs and Maintenance
  • Distributing Circulars
  • Managing Security and House Keeping
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Keeping Data up-to-date